About Us

Our Services

1. Custom Software Development

  • Open Source
  • Android
  • Oracle / Java
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • .Net Framework

2. Online/Distance Learning International Degree Programs

3. Web Hosting

4. Web Site Design and Maintenance

5. Customized e-Content Design

6. IT Training

7. Hire a Programmer

Welcome to iSoftNet Technologies

iSoftNet Technologies (Pty) Ltd. is a company established in 2012 with Head Office based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The vision of the company is to assist companies and people across Africa to grow through technology. We aspire to assist local companies across Africa to grow by providing Technology, Business and Strategic consultation. The company has been providing the following services in Africa:

1. Software Development

Every company has different needs in terms of information management. We help companies implement their business in place by designing customized software to assist them in their day to day operations and provide business intelligence which assist in profitability of the company.

We also design impressive and functional websites to help companies portray the right image to the rest of the world. Our clients have benefited largely from our strategically designed web sites. We provide other features like Search Engine Optimization(SEO) which helps in their marketing strategies.

We also create Android applications for Mobile Devices like phones or tablets as per your needs.

We are in tune with changing Application Life Cycle Management Practices and Processes, and we adhere to international standards like ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CMMi Level 3. By following proven and time-tested development methods, we are able to deliver quality software on time and on-cost for complex projects with emerging requirements. We tune development practices to suit the specific project requirements, which helps us order to deliver impressive results on emerging and complex projects by increasing customer collaboration, offering faster release cycles and addressing changing requirements easily.

2. Education

Online International University Degree: We have tied up with International Universities to provide online Degree programs. These programs are best suited for people who are presently working. Doing a full time university program is expensive and time intensive. These days Online Degree from a Recognized University is valued equal to a full time qualification. The statistics suggest that an International Accredited Degree program help people to grow fast in their careers. Moreover they also have the flexibility to work in any country around the world. We facilitate the programs from Start to Graduation.

Corporate/Work place Training: Whether existing employees or new recruits, everyone needs skill development programs customized to their current business environment. Studies have proven that relevant workplace training programs help to improve th productivity of employees by 50%. Studies have also indicated that average productivity in workplace in Africa needs serious attention to boost the economy of Africa.

Our Corporate Training programs are self paced e-learning modules. Employees can gain knowledge and skills at their own pace and the companies shall be able to monitor the progress and eventually benefit from the programs.

IT Training: International Technology Certification Programs

  • Oracle Certification Training
  • Microsoft Certification Training

3. CRM Solution

CRM is our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business solution that drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid combination. Our CRM Solutions are best in the market and it is guaranteed to take your organization to new heights of success.

4. Web Hosting

We provide Web Site Hosting services and management of your website. Our Servers are up and running for 99.9% time. You can register for a .co.za Domain or a .com Domain or any other domain of your interest.

5. E-Content Development

We develop highly interactive customized e-content for your company's specific needs. A number of our clients have got their in-house training manuals into impressive interactive e-content to be used within the organization for present and the future.