E Content Development

iSoftNet Technologies' E-Learning Division is a provider of innovative e-Learning solutions and e-Content development professional services with its Head Office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We work with different organizations helping them to provide their audiences with engaging interactive learning experiences that boost performance and knowledgeability. Our Custom e-Learning team works on design, development and delivery of Custom learning solutions and provides services in the broad areas of Content and Learning Support. And as part of any project, we provide premium consulting, UI/UX graphics design, storyboarding and instructional design professional services. We have extensive experience in developing training modules covering a wide variety of Subject Matter, both technical and non-technical.

Our e-Learning Division provides the following services:

1. Custom e-learning Content Development

2. Industry Specific Generic e-content

3. English Language Training solutions

The Benefits of E-Learning

Some of the benefits realized by corporations and institutions that use e-Learning as an integral facet of their organization's training function are listed below:

Increasing Productivity and Profitability :

E-learning programs and training increase employee knowledge and skill levels. As they become better at their jobs, they sell more products, reduce waste, are more productive and efficient. An educated, well-trained workforce is the main driver to profitability for today's businesses.

Interactive Content, Graphics, and Animations :

Interactive content, graphics, and animations make lessons standout and help imprint the material on the student's mind.

Return on Investment :

The return-on-investment for eLearning can be 500% to 600% greater than for traditional training.

Flexibility to Learn Anytime, Anywhere :

Learners can access courses and content from their office or home without directly affecting their working hours and core deliverables.

Tools for Tracking, Updating, and Managing Training :

e-Learning based learning management systems make it easy to track, update, and manage learners. Learning management systems facilitate, reporting, succession planning, and workforce development from one, centralized, web-based source.

Retaining Valued Workers :

Workers in today's new economy are not as afraid to move to a new position if they feel their interests and career welfare are better provided for in a different environment. Web-based training programs that offer certifications, college and graduate school education, and other important job skills become powerful incentives for an employee to stay.

Self-Paced Programs :

Students can learn at a pace that works for their individual learning style and life circumstances.